Thursday, October 27, 2011

The wedding suit

One of the things I plan to do shortly after I get to New Delhi is to attend the wedding of my cousin's daughter. I emailed my cousin and asked what would be appropriate to wear to the wedding and he replied that a suit would do. Everyone that knows me knows I'm a short sleeve shirt and cargo shorts kinda guy, there is nothing fancy in my wardrobe. After asking my cousin if there was a place in Delhi to rent a suit he replied back and suggested that I send him my measurements and he would have one made for me, a gift from his family to me.

I'll admit that it wasn't a pretty sight with me and a measuring tape, and besides, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to measure. So on the advice of my mother I hopped into my car and drove to a bridal shop (mom suggested tuxedo shop but all I could find was a bridal shop). When I walked into the shop everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me as I stood, surrounded by racks of white gowns and cases of sparkly costume jewelry, wearing my cargo shorts and a black t-shirt. I was obviously not 'bridal shop' material. Someone in charge quickly approached me asking if I needed help (probably help out the door) and I explained that I was on my way to India and where a tailor needed my measurements so he could make me a suit. I was pleasantly surprised when the person in charge said 'sure, we can do that'. Five minutes later I had my measurements and was out the door.

My cousin just sent me photos of the suit he got for me to wear to the wedding, it really looks good. He explained that he picked a tweed jacket as I could wear that for in the future even for informal occasions. So here's the suit and the accompanying shirt and tie...

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