Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ooty to Coimbatore to Kodaikanal

Two days ago we left Ooty and took a four hour train ride down the mountain where our driver met us, then we drove to Coimbatore for the night. The train is  referred to as a toy train because it's a narrow gauge train. It was used to move the British to and from the hill station known as Ooty. The train ride was fun but the only pictures I got was from the train station and the left side of the train. There was no scenery on my side of the train and those on the other side where there were spectacular views weren't very eager to share their windows. But I did have fun shooting the people at the train stations. We had the first class seats which I think mean very well cushioned and not very crowded cars. Each ticket in the first class cabin was only $3. Once down at the bottom of the mountain we jumped back into our van and drove a couple hours to Coimbatore where we spent the night and left early the next morning. Coimbatore is a large industrial city with nothing for us to stick around and see. The drive to Kodaikanal was outstanding and took us through the country side where there were lots of farms and through a national park.

Kokaikanal is another hill station where the British used to go to get a break from the summer heat. This is much smaller than Ooty though with a population of only 50,000. It's also much quieter and less chaotic. Beautiful views down into the valley below.

Today we took a drive through the country side, but more on that later. Below are some photos taken during the trip from Ooty to Kodaikanal, not really in any specific order.

Mom and Steve were approached by a curious group of
16 year old school girls who asked a bunch of questions

Toy Train in Ooty
Ooty train station

Selling food to passengers

Boys pretending to be train robbers

A Hindu temple that I visited just outside Coimbatore

My cup of tea at a road side restaurant

These boys live in a tent city with their families
and sell hand made drums for money to buy food

View of Kodaikanal from my living room window
Villa Retreat where I have a suite over looking
the tea garden, town and the valley below

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