Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photos from Kovallam

I'm a few days behind on posting photos, these below are of our last day in south India taken in and around the coastal town of Kovallam. Enjoy.

Driving down the road towards Kovallam we saw an unusual truck load

You'll never see this in Texas!

A beautiful mosque

Pilgrims at a Hindu temple

Pilgrims walking towards a Hindu temple
The King's Palace in Kovallam

This palace building had 102 horses
None of them are mares


I was standing on the side of the road for quite some time taking photos of things going by when this bus
driver saw me with a camera. He came to an quick stop in front of me and requested that I take a photo
of his bus. After doing so he asked that I take his photo, which I did. Then another man got off the bus and
wanted his photo. Then another, and another. One by one everyone got off the bus to have me take
their photo.I've never stopped a bus before let alone congest traffic like I did this afternoon.
It was fun though!

Bus and driver

Proud bus driver

bus passenger

Giving the bus a prayer before leaving

Another bus passenger

Peppers to be battered and fried

Frying the peppers, they were great and not hot at all, all for 10 cents each!

Coconuts for drinking, was good

little girl begging

Homeless mother and her children

More people on their pilgrimage

Cutting coconuts

busy tourist town at the tip of India

Gypsies making beaded jewelry

The most southern point of India where the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea all meet

Making sugar cane juice
lots of shells for sale

Dipping in the water where all three bodies of water meet

Fortune teller

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