Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back to Meerut

Yesterday I flew from Mumbai to New Delhi and then I got a prepaid taxi at the airport to take me to Meerut, it was 1800 rupees ($36) which I thought was a good price for a three hour trip. But once we reached the edge of Meerut the driver stopped the car and asked for more money. He said his job was to take me 'to' meerut, not 'into' meerut. I told him that my cousin was going to pay once we got to the house so he kept driving. Once we arrived he wasn't happy when he didn't get any more money. I told him that I paid the agreed upon price and that if he kept insisting on more money then I would call the Delhi Traffic Police, he immediately left. Always an adventure.

Mumbai was great. I'll admit that if that visit was at the beginning of my trip then I wouldn't have seen much of India. I would have seen a lot more of Mumbai. I want to go back and rent a flat for a month. Rajiv (my cousin) and the family were great, the boys and I had a lot of fun. For three days I forgot I was three times their age

It's still very cold in Meerut. I need to go see a doctor this morning. I have an ear infection and my throat is feeling a bit odd. Then I'm off to Meerut College just to see it. Not sure what else I'll do today.

If I'm feeling better tomorrow I'll hire a car for two or three days and travel the countryside. The end of my three month trip is coming up soon so I have lots of packing to do. I'm headed to Delhi in a few days and will have a couple of days at the guest house before I see Rakesh (another cousin). While in New Delhi I'll do my souvineer and gift shopping, glad I didn't do it earlier in the trip. It would have been a pain to carry all that stuff throughout India. It's kinda sad that my trip is almost over. I could have done this for at least another year. I asked my cousins in Mumbai if they could steal my passport and hide it for a month... Rohan wanted $500!!

Well, gotta get up out of bed and start my day.

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