Friday, January 20, 2012

Nearing the end of my trip, but the posts will continue

I now have less than 48 hours left in India before I step aboard the plane that will take me out of this beautiful and wonderful country. My 89 days in India went by much too fast and it wasn't nearly enough time to see everything nor everyone that I wanted. And I should confess, I had changed by plane ticket last month and will be leaving two days earlier, so it's really now 87 days in India, but who's going to do the math, right?

Because I have been so busy these past two weeks I've fallen behind on my posts, there's so much more to write about and many more photos to upload. I still haven't mentioned my time in Bombay where I was offered a part in Bollywood, or my trip through the slums and stories of partying until one in the morning. And there are tons of stories to tell of my return trip to Meerut where I was treated like a Bollywood star (they must have thought I took the part), and of my final few days in New Delhi.

Even though I'll be busy getting back into my regular routine the posts and photos will continue, there's just too many stories to tell. And it will give me moments to smile as I remember the wonderful people I met and laugh at the things that happened to me. So please stay tuned for some future posts and final thoughts about my trip to India.

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  1. Dear Mr. D,
    I have read all words of your "89/87 Days in India", seen all photographs and enjoyed them all. More than your words or photos, it was your thoughts in different situations which were endearing.

    I am just curious to see the photograph of the man who have these nice thoughts. So, at the end of your blog I expect one photo of you, as a thanksgiving to one of your blog followers.

    With warm regards,