Monday, January 30, 2012

A quick getaway

My taxi showed up promptly at 7am this morning and without hesitation I said a quick goodbye to my aunts and cousins. I didn't want a long drawn out teary eyed goodbye so it was a quick touch to the feet followed by a hug and the off in the taxi I went.

It actually was sad to leave Meerut and the relatives there but knowing that I would return very soon made it okay. The drive to the guest house in Delhi took three hours and then I had the taxi for the rest of the day, so after putting my bags up I took off again with the aid of my driver and went to Palika Bazaar. It's in one of the oldest parts of Delhi and is a huge underground bazaar, on top of it is a very nice park. The bazaar is a maze and while I almost never got lost it did take me a few minutes to find my way again. Okay, I got lost. But not for long. It was neat in there, mostly clothes, electronics, pirated dvd's and tons of pushy sellers. Then back to the guest house I went.

A quick play on the internet and then off for a walk (don't need any lost pounds coming back). Went to Kotla market, found a massage parlour and got a massage. It was four times the cost than in Meerut, $32. And it wasn't as good.

Now I'm sitting here having a beer. A warm beer. In India cold sodas and beers really don't exist except in tourist spots. But the beer is good nonetheless. In Meerut I had one beer, but not at my aunt's house as that would not have been allowed. On one of my many walks I found a little beer shop down a small alley. So that's where I went one night. Bought my $2 beer and sat on the little bench and drank it. Even drunk Indians like to stare at me. It was a good beer, well needed.

The house boys are getting dinner ready. There are five plates on the table so I guess there are others here that I'll have dinner with.

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