Friday, January 27, 2012

A good day

Overall it was a pretty good day. Did a lot of walking, met a few people, took a few photos. Then I went and had a full body massage for an hour and a half. $9, plus $2 tip. Wow, why didn't i do this sooner? I should have been doing this all along. Going back tomorrow morning.

So tonight I was walking around looking for something to eat. First I walked about four kilometers to a park, nice park, then back to the market, didn't see anything I wanted to eat there. Then down a couple alleys to another major road. Went into a crowded chicken store. They have tandorri, kabobs, about thirty different chicken meals, many like the tandorri but with different marinades. So I'm looking at the menu and four guys, all mid 20s, are talking about me. I walk over to them and ask if they speak english, they speak perfect english. So we chat for a while, they help me order some stuff. Their food comes and they offer me samples of their food. Really good. And mine was outstanding. It's dirt cheap here, the food is outstanding. Why am I just finding this place? So I went to pay for my stuff and they ended up paying for me. Unbelievable. Of course my bill only came to 70 cents, but still. I'm still being treated like a Bollywood star.

So then I departed after saying thanks and walked a bit more. Found a nice street food stand and ordered an aloo tiki (potatoe dish), one of my favorites. While I was waiting I was talking to a couple of students and their parents, ended up they paid for mine too. Maybe tomorrow I should dress up like a star, gotta look the part if I'm going to play the part, right?

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