Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where have I been?

It's been a while since my last update, I know. And I've been much to busy having fun leaving me no time to work with the hundreds of photos I've taken let alone do any writing. I suspect that a lot of my updates will come after I leave India and get back into my normal slow paced life. I have 9 more days here, it's been a fast three months.

In the past couple of weeks I've been to Varanasi, Mumbai (Bombay) and back to Meerut. Varanasi was a great old city with so much tradition, old buildings and lots of friendly people. Bombay is a huge city where my cousins kept me out past midnight three nights, where I saw a real king cobra, lot lost on a mountain hike and ate some wonderful food. All those stories and many photos to come soon.

But here I'll share some more photos of Varanasi. I really didn't really have to go far from the hotel to have fun or to get some photos. On one side of the hotel the water buffalo and elephants walked in the streets, the other side lots of boys playigng cricket. The house boys in the hotel kept me busy with all sorts of questions and wanting their photos taken, they don't see foreigners in this hotel. My relatives kept me busy too, worried that I might get bored. A drive into the country and I found a wonderful remote village where everyone was welcoming and friendly despite the language barrier. A camera in hand always brings smiles in India.

So here are some photos. All of these were taken either from the third floor balcony or within 20 feet of the hotel.  I hope you enjoy them.

See any of these walking through
your neighborhood?

I got spotted with the camera

milk delivery boy

Boy flying a kite

scavenging or food

Boys playing cricket

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