Friday, November 11, 2011

Big Problem

I weighed my self this morning and since being here I lost two pounds. I attribute that to walking numerous hours each day, eating three healthy meals a day and not snacking in the least bit. So what's the Big Problem then?  I'm going to tell you. Its those two pounds that I lost. They're finding their way home, and worse yet, they're bringing friends!! I snacked today on those mouth watering samosas. That was a mistake because it only took those two samosas for me to become an addict to street food.  The boys here at the guest house today made yet another outstanding dinner, so good in fact that I didn't stop eating when I was full, I just kept going. My stomach is hurting now, I think I  busted my gut. I still want more, but there just isn't any more room. I think I hear my two pounds and his friends knocking on the door, it looks like they're going to stay a while.

Tonight's dinner was rice, chapatis (flat bread), mixed vegetables and dal. The dal today was not the yellow dal that I've had for the past three days but made with a black lentil. I told the boys the other day not to tone down the spices for me so the mixed veggies and dal were very spicy, and if you were to look at my busted gut right now it would be obvious how good it was. By the way, there were no eggs and toast for breakfast today. It was a traditional Indian breakfast of parathas (stuffed flat bread), yogurt and mango pickle (achar).

Now that I have the big problem of absolutely liking everything I've eaten so far I need to find a solution to my diminishing self control. I can tell myself that street food is bad for me (I won't believe it), I can walk twice as much, or maybe I should drink a bit of tap water to get a couple of parasites. Better yet I can  try really hard to learn to eat in moderation, and if that fails I'll just go buy bigger pants, they're cheap enough in India.

The food stand where I bought my samosas is about a five minute walk from the guest house. The man that owns it starts every morning at 530 am and works with his son until 9 or 10pm. They do this seven days a week and have a variety of food items besides the samosas. And I really should go back and sample one of everything, I mean it's to support all their hard work, right? Us addicts can justify anything!

Good night.

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