Monday, November 14, 2011

A confession and some shopping

I previously reported that I had gone to the Defense Colony Market, I was wrong. Please take note because it's not often I'll admit to that. The Defense Colony Market is an upscale market that carters to those that have more money. The market I had gone to is the Kolta Market.

My typical breakfast with yogurt, mixed pickle (spicy), paratha (bread stuffed with spicy potato mix)
sliced apples and papaya, mango juice and coffee.

I returned this morning to get a few tasks done before I go have lunch with my cousin. My dress pants for the wedding were a bit too long so I had them hemmed for a dollar. I don't wear dress shoes so I didn't want to buy expensive ones  so I returned to the shoe store where I had been a couple days ago taking photos of one of the boys that works there. I found a nice pair of leather dress shoes for $5. They'll do for two weddings, they actually look good and are comfy too. I had printed out some photos and so while I was here I gave two of the boys their photo. They were really happy and showed them off to everyone that walked by.  I still need to get a belt and some dress shoes, guess that means another trip to the market!

Since I was walking around for a while I decided to again pull out the camera. More people came asking me to take photos of them, so they're posted below. A few men told me how proud they were of their store and said I should take a picture of it, and of course of them. People here want to have their photo taken which is really unlike places I've been in Central America where they run from the camera. One of the barbers came running after me and insisted I take photos, the customers in the chairs didn't seem too thrilled. A young boy sitting on a cart selling oranges smiled when he saw the camera and smiled bigger when he saw his photo on the computer's small screen.

On the way back I had to stop in  more upscale Defense Colony Market and bought some coffee for the coffee maker that's at the the apartment that I'm moving to tonight. The coffee I bought is coffee grown here in India, more on that in another post after I try it out. I also bought some snacks and a couple of sodas as I have no idea what's in the area known as Vasant Kunj. It's also an upper middle class neighborhood but if there are no nearby stores at least I'll have a bag of munchies to get me through the night. 

An industrial cleaning truck. In India cum means with, but still I thought this was funny

 More photos of Kolta Market
(click on any image for a larger view)

Where I bought my 269 rupee leather dress shoes

One of the side streets

Shoe repair man

Boy selling oranges


  1. Dear Mr. D,

    In my leisure time, I use to enjoy the India Travel Blogs from Europeans/Americans. It is interesting to know about their point of view about India. This is the first time I have seen a blog from an American who is genetically related to India.

    It is fun to read your blog. Lively photographs. My request is, show some photographs about real good places of India too. I agree that India has more dirty places than you can describe as beautiful, but please show some beautiful scenes too.

    I will try to follow you on your blog. The note on the cleaning truck was unintentional pun. You will see so many on your journey.

    Regards, Kumar

  2. I saw a message from your Mom this evening that directed me to your blog. I am really loving it. You're doing a super job. Oh, I was a neighbor of your in Orchard Creek when you were a little boy. I lived on Orchard Creek Circle and I had two daughters, Alice and Missy.

    Your mother was the best of cooks. I loved loved her food. I still love Indian food and I am enjoying your meals vicariously. Thank you for the wonderful blog. Nancy Toothman