Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Guest House

Here is a photo of my two house boys . They are from other parts of India having traveled as far as 400 kilometers to come to New Delhi in search of work. They make a meager salary and send what they can home to their family. I have tried to talk with the boys and learn more about them but socializing with the domestic help seems to be taboo, thus the boys look uncomfortable when I try to interact with them.

Every morning here the domestic help gets up early. Some prepare breakfast, others start cleaning and some are outside sweeping the leaves and garbage from the ground. More are busy wiping down the cars of the wealthy both inside and out. Early in the morning before sunrise I awaken to calls towards Mecca from the surrounding Muslim temples. Men pushing carts call out slowly as they peddle chai and fruits. The time could probably bet set by watching and listening to the morning rituals.   

Today I'm going to jump on the Delhi Metro and take a ride to Ghaziabad which is to the east of New Delhi. There I plan to visit with Amar and his family. He is my father's uncle. I'm not sure how long it will take to get there but I suspect about an hour with four connections. It's 22 rupees each way, less than a dollar round trip. Time to finish my coffee and start my day.

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