Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sore thumb

This morning I woke up fully refreshed. I had an omelet, toast, juice and coffee for breakfast, did a few internet things and then went out for a walk. I'm in an area of New Delhi known as Defense Colony, it's a posh part of town and is all residential. I walked for two hours, eyes wide open and grinning ear to ear. I'm happy to be here. The neighborhood is nice, mostly condos but a few houses. And a nice park. There are no beggars here, no cows either. No rickshaws but lots of expensive cars. There's a lot of construction going on here, men and women working side by side carrying large bags of trash, sand and other materials on their head, some by cart. People were out this morning washing cars and sweeping the dirt, I'm assuming they are the domestic help. The stray dogs here in Defense Colony look very well fed. The air is filled with smog as well as noise from people talking, horns blaring non-stop, sounds of construction and dogs barking.

Everyone stared at me, I think I stuck out like a sore thumb. Was everyone staring at me because I was the only person wearing a t-shirt? Or the only person with a goatee, maybe it was my green eyes or because I wasn't Indian. I walked the parameter of Defense Colony, I can see the 'real' India outside the protective border of this neighborhood. I'm going to go explore after lunch, but this time with a polo shirt on.

The cook asked me this morning what time I wanted lunch and dinner. I don't know? When I get hungry? He wasn't happy about me not giving him a time so I gave in and said 1pm for lunch. Still undecided about dinner. Think I'll take a nap, then explore again. Maybe this time with the camera.

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