Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A bit on costs

So here's some costs;

Property and condo purchases in a nice neighborhood - millions, but cheap to rent. Go figure

Large bottled water 30 cents

sodas 30 cents
beer  $1.10 (big can)
Domestic help (Servent/cook), if well paid then $150 a month
Driver and car for 8 hours $28
Hotels start at $6/night up to $10,000 a night
Longest ride on the metro is 58 cents
I took a 1 kilometer ride in a rickshaw today and paid 60 cents, twice the regular fair.

I got some to go menus from nearby restaurants;

Aggarwal Sweets, free delivery with minimum $2 order
stuffed puri  (stuffed flat bread) 35 cents
samosas   35 cents
Chole and rice $1 (chickpeas in a sauce)
fried rice $1
paneer tikka masala $2 (paneer is cheese cubes)
tandori roti 10 cents  (flat bread)
Special thali includes 2 main dishes, raita, salad, roti, naan, rice is $1.10

Ajit Khalsa Dhaba
Chana masala $1 (chickpeas in a spicy sauce)
Chicken Tandori $3 full chicken $1.50 half
Fish Tikka (Seasonal ) $6.00
Chicken Tikka masala $2.70
Mutton rogan josh $2.10
butter naan 20 cents
roti/puri 6 cents
plain rice 40 cents

Flaming Mustard (more upscale)
Lamb bolognaise  $5
Penne with chicken and tomato  $5
Spicy vegetable risotto $3
Chicken Cacciatora $5.50
Shredded lamb in hot garlic sauce $4.80
Tandori platter $11.50
Vegetable Tandor platter $9.50
Flaming non-veg thali (includes butter chicken, dal makhani, mix vegetables, raita, 2 rotis, rice and dessert) $4.20

Pizza Hut
Chicken Tikka Masala  personal $3 medium $6
Chocolate mousse $1
Kadai paneer pizza personal $2.80 med $5 large $8

Head over Heels Choconess
Death by chocolate 3 scoop sundae $3.50
Nuts about chocolate 2 scoop sundae $2.05
Seekh Kebab meal with soupe, salad and soda $3.80
masala chicken burger $1
Vegetable burger, fries and coke $2
milk shake $1.50

Reshma's Vegetarian Food
Regular meal (2 veg dishes, rice, naan, puri) 1 person $1, family pack for four $3.50

Foot long sandwiches $4.50 to $5.50
includes roasted chicken
veg. shammi
chicken tikka
chicken seekh
paneer tikka

McDonalds (and they deliver)
20 piece mcnuggets $4.50
chicken maharaja mac $1.50
paneer salsa wrap $1.20

Latte  $1.50
Cafe Mocha 1.60
Cinnabon clasic $2
iced coffee 1.60

Peppy Paneer pizza med $4.80, large $8

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