Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Expectations versus Suspicions

I have traveled a lot in the past seven years and during this time I've had very few expectations. I think that having expectations leaves one exposed for disappointment when things don't happen the way you think they will or should. Maybe I've become a well mannered traveler because of this, maybe it's why my travels have been full of adventure. I think of an expectation as a rigid result, no flexibility.

Suspicions though seem to be a more appropriate term in regards to my travels. I have suspicions that things may happen but I don't necessarily expect them to happen. I view suspicions as being more flexible and not accompanied by disappointment.

So here's my list in regards to my upcoming trip to India;

Expections (I would be highly disappointed if these didn't happen)
I expect to get to India in one piece
I expect to return from India in one piece.
I expect to have tons of photos and stories upon my return.
I expect I'll have a fun time traveling with my mom and step-father.

Suspicions (I would not be disappointed if these didn't happen)
I suspect I'll be shocked my first couple of days
I suspect I'll be mesmerized my first few days
I suspect I'll be annoyed by touts and beggars
I suspect I'll meet some wonderful people
I suspect I'll enjoy every  meal I eat
I suspect I'll have 'delhi-belly' at least once
I suspect I'll take a train and a bus at least once
I suspect the meaning of life will continue to evade me
I suspect I packed way too much and
I suspect I forgot to pack something important
I suspect the smog will aggravate  my asthma
I suspect the aroma of the spice markets will tease my senses
I suspect I'll fall in love with India and it's people as a whole
I suspect 89 days in India won't be long enough

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