Sunday, November 13, 2011

A really bad meal

I haven't yet had one in India but it's what I'm hoping to get soon. The food here has been outstanding, so good that I'm over eating. I need a really bad meal, then maybe I'll ease up on my intake.The parathas in th emorning, you can't have just one. The dal has a wonderful mix of spices that I eat it until I'm full. And when the taste starts to fade I need another hit, my gut expanding just a hair more. I'm a dal addict. I need my fix. I'll need migger pants if I keep this up.

I had a great visit with my uncle, aunt and their son and his family. It was a wonderful day. I learned a lot about my family, family politics, traditions, all sorts of stuff. I'm beat and can hardly keep my eyes open so that post will have to come later.

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